Meet Carrie Ruud

Carrie Ruud

Carrie L Ruud began her political career in 2000. As a broker/owner of a successful real estate company in Breezy Point, she went to a City Council meeting to help a client and decided then and there she needed to be a part of the decision-making process. She served as Mayor from 2000-2002. When redistricting created an open senate district, Carrie ran and successfully won the seat, making her the furthest north GOP senator in the state. She served Senate District 4 from 2002-2006. In 2011, Carrie joined Solomon Strategies for a very successful legislative session, but with redistricting occurring in 2012 and an opportunity to again serve in the Senate, she ran for senate district 10 and won. Carrie served District 10 from 2012 until she retired in 2022. From 2012 to 2016, Carrie served as the Assistant Minority Leader. From 2016-2022, she Chaired the Environment and Natural Resource Policy and Legacy Finance Committee. Carrie also had the honor of serving as a Commissioner on the International Great Lakes Commission and presiding as President of the National Foundation of Women Legislators. She also Chaired the School Trust Committee and was a member of IRRRB.


• Environmental Issues
• Housing
• Economic Development
• Tourism

On a personal note, Carrie is married to Dick Rostad. Together they reside in Ideal Corners, Minnesota, and have been Broker/Owners of Lakes and Leisure Realty for over 30 years. Ruud remains active in her community and an advocate for the issues she championed during her time in office.